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Our Tape Hair Extensions

are the safest & kindest method available as the weight of the panel is spread out over a larger area. There is less tension on the natural hair, resulting in zero damage.

For more information call the salon on 01527 577000 and ask for our extension expert Charlie

  • Tape in Hair Extensions are especially ideal for those with fine/thinning hair.
    Hair lies completely flat on your scalp allowing you to wear them quite high up on your head, comfortably and discreetly, they are even undetectable to touch!

  • Lightweight and so easy to manage

  • Perfect for anyone looking for fuller, longer hair

  • Quick application time - full head taking approx 45 mins to 1 hour.

  • Can be washed, dried & heat styled.

  • Hair can be worn initially for 5-7 weeks and then rotated and re-used many times!